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Get the Lawyer's Credit Report!

Get the Lawyer's Credit Report!
Admin - Tue Jul 03, 2012 @ 01:00AM
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When a person needs a lawyer, what do they do? Usually they go in and have an initial interview with a lawyer they just found or seek one a friend recommended. Maybe they had a car wreck, so they opened up the Yellow Pages and picked the lawyer with the biggest, color ad, you know one with a special insert for color photographs instead of just black and yellow. Or maybe they wanted a divorce, so they just called one of their friends they knew had just untied the knot. Sometimes they get a free initial interview with a lawyer, but that's it. Next thing you know, they are putting $5000 into that lawyer's retainer. They don't ask any questions. They just assume their hard earned money is going into good hands, will be safe, and the desired results will be achieved. Think again!

Never, never, ever, give a lawyer any money up front unless you at least get his credit report first. You have to ask him for it, and if he's not willing to give it to you in return for proving he can be trusted with your $5000, find another lawyer. A good lawyer with nothing to hide should give you his credit report! Why shouldn't he? He is a person in business, and he is a vendor of services to you. Vendors prove their credit worthiness ahead of time. Before they hold any money in trust or get it up front. It is a common business practice. Usually though, when you investigate a business you run a Dun and Bradstreet report to see if they are a credit risk. But with a solo practitioner lawyer, get his credit report. Ask him for it. You can't pull it yourself. You could get into legal trouble. If he won't cough it up, he is probably hiding something.

References: How do I Find a Lawyer?

Comments: 6


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