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Getting HDMI to your TV

Getting HDMI to your TV
Admin - Wed Feb 29, 2012 @ 03:08PM
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So you just signed up for HDMI for TV with your cable company and have over 1000 channels to choose from, and channels 1000+ are supposedly the high definition channels, but, there is a big problem. All of the channels look the same, ok, but grainy, and certainly not as crisp and clear as what you saw on the demo models when you were most recently shopping at Best Buy. What is going on? Assuming you have a high definition television, and are not still watching an old analog, a tube in a faux wood box, and that you do have all the 1000+ channels, you have an easy solution. Make sure your cable box and television are connected by a Type A HDMI cable.

A Type A HDMI cable has connectors 19 prongs at each end, which allows all the digital data to be transferred to your display as quickly and crisply as possible. However it may be possible you do have a Type A connector but even though you were profligate with the purchase of your new television and cable service, you were a miser with connecting it all together. You bought your HDMI cable cheap! Cheap cables sometimes work and sometimes they don’t. But to be safe rather than sorry, at least make sure your cable has an “HDMI” logo marked on it somewhere, and to be even more cautious, read some consumer reviews on cables before you buy them. If you don’t like to do your own research, go down to Best Buy and have a sales associate review all the available cables with you. All Type A cables are not created equal!

Comments: 3


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